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Connect, engage and strengthen your employees by bringing people together, keeping a clear communication and boosting their development.

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Happiness insights

When people have high wellbeing and feel high levels of support, they are more likely to…

Thumbs Up


recommend their company as a great place to work*

Check List


say they intend to stay*



feel engaged at work*

Tool Box


experienced higher productivity**

Balloon Comment


higher job growth, maintenance, new skills and forms of work**

Launching Shuttle


businesses with more job applications**

*Limeade and Quantum Workplace 2016
** Queens School of Business

What will you gain

This can be proved by your business results:

  • Icon Check More time for what really matters through process automation
  • Icon Check Higher employee-retention and better talent acquisition
  • Icon Check Increase employee performance and productivity
  • Icon Check Higher rates of growth and development of your employees and business

Our Wellbeing Warriors

What they say

Murilo Macul
It's a seamless integration compared to other apps. It takes almost no effort to implement it to our weekly use.
Daniela Costeira
This tool has a great impact on the company's culture and the employee wellbeing. It's an amazing way to make time to socialize and get to know other colleagues :)
Peter Eleveld
It was nice to have a chat with a colleague. Even though we work in the same office and see each other around once in a while, it was nice to have this opportunity to speak more 😊
Bruna Righesso
It was smooth & fun, I was happy to join :)
Yuri Davygora
Really great experience, we had quite a pleasant time.
Murilo Macul
Our team benefited from it in multiple ways, from Buddy program management, to onboarding newcomers, as well as the All-hands questions management.
Daniela Costeira
We use Wellbeing Warrior at Personio and as an employee, this tool has helped me to stay in touch with my colleagues from all different departments, especially with the new home office setup!
Anurag Khetan
It was a positive experience and I can recommend it to others. Easy and dependent setup. It helped during Covid lockdowns.
Marta Novella
The Slack integration helps a lot to get reminders and we have the feeling that everyone is familiar with it. We really like it.
Polina Micheva
Great experience, is funny to use and very self explainatory, no need to invest extra time. It connects teams from different departments.
Tomás Garcia
It is a really nice way to get to know everyone at Alasco. I truly enjoy this initiative!
Leonie Ziegler
As user of Wellbeing Warrior, I appreciate the easy set up of the weekly coffee break mail.
Laura Weiher
Wellbeing Warrior allowed me to meet new colleagues I would not have met otherwise and it is a clear and of easy usage process.

Join our Wellbeing Warriors

Specially designed for growing companies, to keep a healthy team and improve workplace satisfaction.