Success Story - Freeletics

May 19, 2021
Industry: Digital Fitness & Lifestyle
Company Size: 200 employees
Company Type: B2C
Freeletics is driven by the vision to challenge and inspire everyone to become the greatest version of themselves. The Freeletics app offers personalized, AI-powered digital fitness coaching, which helps people realize and unleash their own full potential, both mentally and physically. Born as a bootstrapped start-up in 2013, Freeletics is now an established digital fitness company. The Freeletics apps are used in over 160 countries by a community of more than 60 million Free Athletes.

Company Transparency - Multiplying All-hands Q&A Participation

The challenge
All-hands meetings are a useful format to share information about the developments and decisions within a company. At Freeletics, this meeting happens bi-weekly, it’s a unique moment where the entire company comes together, it always ends with a Q&A session.

Freeletics’s management wanted to have the Q&A format for transparent updates on the matters that team members cared about most as relevant and lively as possible.
With their team growing beyond 100 employees, Freeletics noticed that these Q&A rounds were becoming tricky to do for two reasons:

  1. It’s easier to stay silent than bring forward relevant questions, particularly for shy or more quiet team members
  2. In a live Q&A with a larger group, it’s impossible to filter and prioritize questions based on relevance

With that in mind, Freeletics started using a physical box to pull relevant questions from team members. Days before the meeting, team members could start inserting questions in the box. This method secured some anonymity for team members, and it also made the process relatively hurdle free and straightforward. In addition, this made it possible for the People Team and Management Members to sense which topics urged for answers and prepare ahead.

It was a good start, yet Freeletics was looking for a better way to support their Q&A format.

The results
Freeletics implemented Wellbeing Warrior’s digital Gather Board to collect questions from employees anonymously.

Thenceforth, all employees could formulate and voice what mattered to them through a secure channel, independently of their location. A short while after, they found the number of questions increased by 8x (compared to the physical box).
The Wellbeing Warrior reminds and allows other employees to vote on the already posted questions. This is a great way to support filtering the most important questions through peer voting in advance of the All-hands meetings.

Freeletics designed the format to ensure the information shared in the All-hands is most relevant to everyone. So only the top voted questions get directly addressed in the next All-hands. The digitally organized collection and voting for questions to be addressed was vital to use the Q&A format as a tool for increased transparency at Freeletics.

Freeletics achieved:
  • Automation of collecting employee questions
  • Insights and filtering on what’s most important via peer voting
  • Higher transparency on company matters

Even if team members have an easy way to formulate what’s on their mind, it needs reminders and encouragement for team members to use this format. The best motivation comes from how employee questions are answered.
Trust is built by openly addressing what’s happening and the winning rationale for it.

With Wellbeing Warrior we could reduce our time spent on collecting employee questions, to ensure all employee voices can be heard. It made the process and my life as HR so much easier.

Marta Novella
People Operations Manager

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