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Discover what makes Wellbeing Warrior different from other platforms

Constantly Evolving

All cloud SaaS benefits. Ability to adapt to change and evolve continuously.

Smart Customization

Use your own brand and create your own initiatives.

Secure and Compliant

GDPR Compliance according to European Rules.

Building bridges

Promote team building and break down silos

Onboarding Buddy Program

Onboarding newcomers has never been so easy!

Remote Coffee Break

Breaks that keep you happy and help promote networking!

Fruit & Shake

Promote healthier and sociable breaks.

Lunch roulette

Smash inter-department walls and build strong relationships.

Communication & transparency

Involve employees and cultivate inclusion across the company

All Teams Meeting

Cultivate transparency and listen to what your team has to say about goals!

Ask the CEO

Anonymously submit questions and/or votes.

Inclusion Board

Promote inclusion and equality inside your company.

Suggestion Box

Ask and give any kind of suggestions.

Knowledge & development

Improve your employees strengths and skills

Mentor Program

Promote sharing of knowledge and sense of contribution!

Learn a New Language

Build a multicultural team!

Pitch Training

Improve your employees communication skills.

Coaching sessions

Match a Coach with a Coachee and empower your employees to achieve better results.

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