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Diário do Minho - Empresa 'incubada' na Startup Braga ajuda empresas alemãs "a serem mais felizes"
A Wellbeing Warrior, uma empresa incubada na Startup Braga, ajuda empresas alemãs a melhorar o ambiente de trabalho através de software de gestão de recursos humanos. Este software, usado por 10 empresas e 3 mil trabalhadores, automatiza atividades como feedback anónimo, caixas de sugestões, sessões de coffee break online e programas de mentoria. A empresa visa duplicar o número de utilizadores e expandir para o mercado português no próximo ano.
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Eco - Empreendedor português ajuda alemães a serem mais felizes no trabalho
Há um empreendedor português que está a ajudar empresas alemãs a tornar os locais de trabalho mais felizes. O software “Wellbeing Warrior” já é usado por cerca de três mil colaboradores em 10 empresas alemãs. A ambição passa por duplicar número de utilizadores até ao final do próximo ano.
"Queremos ajudar ainda mais estas organizações a manter uma cultura que fomente conexões humanas e o desenvolvimento pessoal, pilares do bem-estar e da felicidade”, explica Miguel Regedor, fundador da Wellbeing Warrior.
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HROS - Future Work: What kind of tools do you need and why?
In the era of remote work, the article delves into the myriad of tools designed to address challenges in onboarding, mental health, team building, and HR. From platforms like "Likeminded" that foster open communication about daily challenges to "Wellbeing Warrior" that aids in seamless onboarding and team interactions, the guide provides a holistic view of tools tailored for the modern workplace. Whether you're looking for mental health support, team-building solutions, or efficient management tools, this article offers insights into the best platforms to optimize your work processes. Explore the full guide to make informed decisions for your organization.
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Forbes - Companies of the Future - Luxury or Investment?
The article is about the Wellbeing Warrior and the importance of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for companies nowadays. The article is in Portuguese.
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T3N - Personio manager explains how onboarding works in the home office
Adriana Sabino from "Personio" highlights the challenges and strategies of onboarding remotely. She stresses the importance of unity among remote employees. One of the significant challenges, is fostering a sense of community among employees who may never meet in person. Virtual activities like coffee dates, yoga sessions, and team events such as a remote pub quiz are organized to address this. Personio leverages the "Wellbeing Warrior" to boost employee well-being. The article also mentions tools like "Miro" and "Zoom" as vital for remote collaboration. The article is in German.
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Erevena - Onboarding Remotely
Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are rethinking their onboarding strategies, especially those involving face-to-face interactions. The article shares insights from companies like "Beamery", "Sqreen" and "Zenly", that have effectively onboarded employees remotely. Key points include the significance of structured onboarding, balancing formal and informal sessions, and using tools like "Wellbeing Warrior".
Notably, "Personio" has a well-defined onboarding process now delivered remotely. It includes general onboarding sessions organized by the HR team, which are consistent for everyone, and personalized sessions tailored to the individual's role. They also use the Wellbeing Warrior integrated with Slack, for remote coffee check-ins, connecting employees who might not work together directly.
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Blog.personal manager - Onboarding auf Distanz
Post-Covid-19, companies like Personio have modified their onboarding processes for remote scenarios. The article offers seven tips for successful remote onboarding, emphasizing communication, equipment provision, and team interaction. The use of the "Wellbeing Warrior" tool by Personio for fostering team connections is particularly noted.
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RRHH Digital - Five keys to incorporating a remote employee
In the era of remote work, HR departments face challenges in onboarding new employees. Tools like Wellbeing Warrior are highlighted for promoting inter-departmental interactions and suggesting random colleagues for virtual coffee breaks or lunches. The article is in Spanish.
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Business Insider - How do I start my new job from home?
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to rethink their onboarding processes, especially when new employees start their roles from home. While some companies have halted recruiting, others, like Personio, continue to hire. The article discusses the challenges and solutions for onboarding in these unprecedented times. One of the key aspects highlighted is the importance of fostering a good work atmosphere, even in a remote setting. Virtual coffee dates have become a common practice among companies to help new employees integrate into the team. To facilitate these interactions, Personio uses Wellbeing Warrior, which randomly pairs employees from different teams for a virtual coffee, promoting a sense of unity and camaraderie among staff. The article is in German.
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Digitale Welt - When employees are missing: companies between fear of the future and pressure to act
The digital transformation is reshaping the recruitment landscape, especially in the MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Technology) sector. The article emphasizes the importance of adapting to digital tools and processes to remain competitive in attracting top talent. One of the key takeaways is the significance of digital onboarding. A structured software-supported onboarding process, ensures new employees feel welcomed and are equipped with all necessary tools from day one. Furthermore, fostering a positive work culture is crucial. Tools like Wellbeing Warrior play a pivotal role in this aspect. The article is in German.
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