Wellbeing Warrior

Every company deserves one

Supporting Winning Organizations

Wellbeing Warrior

Success Challenges

Growing startups face enoumerous obstacles. Silos emerge between departments, communication and alignment becomes complex and remembering everyone's name can be challenging.

Winning Organization

Wellbeing Warrior is an innovative SaaS solution that combines various team wellbeing related features in one unique tool. We belive that simple things can make huge difference.

Roulette Events

Connect your employees

For Growing Companies

Specially designed for growing companies, to keep an healthy team, break down silos, improve the information flow and the workplace satisfaction.

Works with email and slack integration.

Simple yet Effective

An automated process that groups improbable people within an organization for lunch.

A special algorithm ensures that the selection is formed with people from different teams/departments avoiding repetition from previous lunches.

Gather Boards

Give voice to your employees

Collect Ideas & Vote

Ex.: Collect location ideas for the next team event. Vote for the name of the next big feature.

Schedule & Automate

Ex.: Every week, automatically initiative_gather_board relevant questions to be answered by the CEO at the Weekly Meeting.


Learn the Truth. Anonymously collect real and honest suggestions from employees.

Integration with

We believe Slack is great tool for companies.
All Wellbeing Warrior comunication faetures work smeasly with email or through a slack bot.

Go to Settings

Go to Administration section and then Settings. You need to be an administration from your organization's Weelbeing Warrior.

Press 1 button

You will find a button "Add to Slack", After pressing it will are redirected to the slack web site where you have to authorize the integration.

Enjoy the WW bot

Now when new initiative_gather_boards or events are created the WW bot will comunicate direclty with the relevant members in slack.

You deserve a Wellbeing Warrior