Should I be connecting my workforce?

Max Lamers - June 20, 2022
We recently asked existing and potential users of Wellbeing Warrior how they are connecting their workforces. We present 4 observations on that question based on the collected feedback from organizations ranging from 1-1000 employees.

No. 1 - Everybody’s doing it!
The question is less should you than, how are you doing it, and do you care to improve how you’re supporting to connect the members of your organization. From our client answers, we got that 9 out of 10 companies are actively supporting formats and initiatives to connect, engage and develop their employees. Unless your organization has less than 2 members, team development is something that you do consciously or unconsciously.

No. 2 - Social bonding is a need
Formats and initiatives helping workers feel and stay connected with their team colleagues is a real need right now. Among the organizations we asked, activities for meaningful social-bonding is prioritized before other efforts supporting Clear communication and Training and development support. The surveyed companies plan dedicated actions in the coming months aiming to improve employee’s experience for:
  • Better social-bonding to support employee’s sense of belonging (95%)
  • Clear(er) company communication to lift the level of Inclusion (67%)
  • Peer-to-peer development to drive employee growth (56%)

No. 3 - Value for ...
What should an organization be investing into social-bonding? Teams and companies that place these initiatives in their organization strategy benefit from a better organization manyfold e.g. with higher employee engagement. In our survey the spend of additional 60€ per employee year seemed reasonable to most organizations. Yet also more than 50% indicated uncertainty, whether their organization would be willing to spend this amount on supporting software helping to introduce and host initiatives for their teams.

No. 4 - Existing communication systems used
Over 70% of organizations are using their existing communication systems to host team development and workforce connection initiatives. About 50% show readiness to improve employee experience and connection with software for that purpose.

Actions for you!
Discover at what level there is a need for improved workforce connection and support.
Below 6 questions will help you structure your thoughts and discussions in your organization:
  1. What do your organization members need and like to do?
  2. What of their needs are of highest priority right now?
  3. With which formats is your organization aiming to fill those needs?
  4. Where does this fit in your wider organizational or people strategy?
  5. What goals and at what price can these initiatives be supported?
  6. Does the organization have a need to improve the enabling tools?