8 Awesome Icebreaker Ideas for Virtual Meetings

April 4, 2024
The rise of remote and hybrid work has brought many benefits: flexibility, convenience, and even a sense of empowerment. But let's be honest. The beginning of those video calls on Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams – you name it – can feel…uncomfortably silent. Fear not, though, because icebreakers are here to save the day – or the meeting. In this blog post, we'll share 8 fun icebreaker ideas to help you lighten the mood and boost engagement during your next online meeting. Read on!

What are virtual icebreaker activities?
If you don’t ditch the awkwardness in the first few minutes of your meetings, you might find yourself looking at a screen of blank stares and muted mics. This is why virtual icebreakers are so important. These short, fun activities are promoted to build bonds between teammates and break down those virtual walls. They’re designed for everyone to feel safe sharing their ideas and starting a nice conversation.

Why are these icebreaker games so important?
There are 4 big benefits of using icebreaker activities:

  • Higher Engagement: Icebreakers get people comfortable chiming in, leading to a more productive meeting.

  • Improved Communication: These activities also encourage interaction, which fosters an open and collaborative exchange of ideas.

  • Team Building: Icebreakers help team members discover each other's personalities, work styles, and interests (maybe there’s a hidden talent for origami!).

  • Fun all over: A little lighthearted fun at the beginning sets a positive tone, boosts morale, and keeps everyone excited during the meeting.

8 Icebreaker ideas

1. Two truths and a lie
This game is perfect for getting to know your team, especially new members. Here's how it works:

  • Each player secretly writes down two true statements about themselves and one clever lie. The key is to make the lie believable!

  • Take turns reading your statements aloud. Your team then has to guess which one is the whopper.

The player with the most correct guesses wins, but remember: the real ‘prize’ here is the unexpected details you learn about each other – favorite hobbies, childhood adventures, even secret talents!

2. Would you rather?
In this activity, team members are presented with dilemmas that prompt them to choose between two options. For example, "Would you rather read minds or time travel to the future?". It’s a great game to get your team talking.

Use a polling tool (or a simple show of hands!), to see which option the majority favors. And don't stop at just picking a side! Encourage friendly debate. Why did people choose what they did?

3. Never Have I Ever
"Never Have I Ever" is a classic icebreaker game perfect for virtual teams. Here's how to play:

  • One person starts by saying "Never have I ever..." followed by something they've never done (e.g., "Never have I ever skydived").

  • Everyone starts with ten fingers held up. If you have done the activity, you put a finger down.

  • The player with the most fingers remaining at the end wins!

This is a fantastic way to know your remote colleagues on a more personal level. No need for fancy equipment. Just your trusty webcam and a willingness to share!

4. Three Word Check-In
Tell everyone to share their current state with just three words. It takes minimal time and fosters a sense of connection. Expect a mix of emotions, from "Energised and focused" to "Coffee needed now!". Above all, expect some great laughs!

5. Guess the Location
Learn about each other's locations in a fun and sneaky way. Describe your city, state, or even country without revealing its actual name. After everyone shares their hints, see if your teammates can correctly guess where everyone's from. Who knows if you can even discover hidden travel gems?

6. Name That Emoji Tune
How about a test of your pop culture knowledge? Sing your favourite song with emojis!

  • Each player takes a turn to create an emoji representation of their favourite song (or the one most recently played) – no song titles allowed!

  • The rest of the team has to crack the code and guess the song title before a timer runs out (1-2 minutes is a good sweet spot).

  • Time's up! Share the song and the story behind your choice.

7. Virtual Charades
This one’s a classic but with a remote twist! Get one team member to get a word or short phrase (chosen randomly or by another player) and act it out without speaking. The rest of the team works together to guess the charade.

Once someone guesses correctly, it's their turn to take center stage (virtually) and become the next charade master!

8. Meme of the Week
Turn to the potential of memes to unlock some good laughs! Invite everyone to come prepared with a meme – or even a GIF – that captures their workweek experience. Share the funny wins, the relatable struggles, everything!

Start breaking the ice
With these icebreaker ideas, you’ll be ready to turn your remote meetings into engaging experiences that break down barriers and build bridges. Pick up your favourite activity and have some fun!

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