HR trends to keep up with

Paula Lobo - May 10, 2019

Human Resources are a field that is going through a lot of changes since these past few years. Technology is a major contributor to these changes, and 2019 is definitely the year of tech in HR. In fact, there’s room for a lot of innovation in current HR practices, and startups are leading the way in this area.

Every year a lot of lists come out summing the trends for the months to come. Not all items become a thing, of course, but there are a few trends that have been growing in HR and seem to be ready to overtake these department’s strategies. Here’s a summary:

Employee’s wellbeing

HR strategies are definitely shifting to a ‘people-centric’ approach, and ensuring their health and wellbeing is becoming the number 1 priority. There are more and more companies every day working on Wellness programs, that not only focus on physical wellbeing but are also making a big deal about mental health and even on employee’s financial health.

HR + Artificial Intelligence: a winning taskforce

Employees Branding has been a trend for a few years now, and Human Resources are counting on Artificial Intelligence to help.

This approach leads to the improvement of Employee experience, and it’s vital not only to attract talent but to retain talent. In order to do so, HR is taking advantage of the best Artificial Intelligence applications can offer. AI enriches the entire employee lifecycle, from the application process to offboarding, by turning large amounts of data into real information, which helps to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

Continuous learning and development

As I said before, a ‘people-centric’ approach is shaping HR strategies, and that as lead HR to take a deeper look into the development of employees skills. While technical skills are already a top concern in most companies, soft skills are increasing in value, and companies are not just encouraging employees to improve, but developing ways for them to do it within the company. Lifelong learning has been proven as a powerful tool to retain talent and strengthen employees brand awareness.

Have you noticed these trends? What do you think will be the future of HR?