How to use Wellbeing Warrior as Administrator

Ready to start creating events in order to connect, engage and strengthen your employees by bringing people together, keeping clear communication, and boosting their development?

First of all, upload your employees’ list, accordingly with the instructions received in the Welcome Administrator E-Mail.

After that, you can start creating new initiatives!

Step 1
- Select “Initiatives” in the Administration Area.

Now you can see the ongoing initiatives, create new ones, and see the list of concluded initiatives.

Step 2 - Select “NEW INITIATIVE”.

Step 3 - Pick one initiative from the four categories we have.
Roulette Events help breakdown silos and promote team spirit with events that randomly match coworkers.
  • Lunch Roulette;
  • Remote Coffee;
  • Fruit Shake;
  • Blank Roulette Event.

Gather Boards encourage coworkers to safely speak their minds.
  • Inclusion Board;
  • All Hands Questions;
  • Vote For A Name;
  • Blank Gather Board.

Pair Match gives employees the chance to engage in activities together and share knowledge.
  • Onboarding Buddy;
  • Language Program;
  • Mentor Program.

Meet the Match matches people randomly and secretly having in account their degree of connection.
  • Secret Santa.

Step 4 - Use the standard format or customize the initiative to your preferences!

Step 5 - Just click “CREATE” and the event is launched!

Once the initiative is created you will be redirected to the initiatives list and a message will appear saying your initiative was successfully created.

Optional - If you want to edit the event you created, you can select it, by clicking on the event on the list.

Then click on “EDIT” and you will be able to alter the form!

On the same page, instead of clicking “EDIT”, you can scroll down and check the days in which the initiative takes place, the submissions and, some statistics that will help you gather some feedback regarding satisfaction and participation rate.

At the top right corner is a drop-down that allows you to sign out.

It is that simple! It's time to get down to business!

If you have any questions, please contact us at