How to set up the Personio integration

What is Personio?

Personio is a German HR-management and recruiting platform. If your company uses it, you can take advantage of its integration with the Wellbeing Warrior.

Why use the integration?

Integrating Personio with Wellbeing Warrior enables you to import your employees' required data into the Wellbeing Warrior account. Only the data necessary for Wellbeing Warrior will be imported. By integrating this software, you won’t need to manually add or remove employees from the Wellbeing Warrior list, as it becomes an automated process.

How to do it?

Note: You need to be an administrator of both Personio and the Wellbeing Warrior.

1. Log in to Personio.
2. Go to "Marketplace", search for "Wellbeing Warrior", and click on it.
3. Click on "Connect".
4. Click on "Generate new credential".
5. API Credentials are generated.
Click on "Go to Wellbeing Warrior website" to open it on a separate tab.
6. Copy the Client and Secret from Personio, and respectively paste them on the Wellbeing Warrior; then click on "Update";

You can click "IMPORT NOW" to run the importer right away. Otherwise, Wellbeing Warrior is synchronized every night;
It's done! The Wellbeing Warrior should now be successfully integrated with Personio.

Additionally, we recommend you to check the Wellbeing Warrior Integration in the Personio Administration and ensure absences are being synchronized.
That way, the Wellbeing Warrior can make better matching decisions.
It should look like this:
It is that simple!
Now, Wellbeing Warrior synchronizes your employee data from Personio automatically .

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