How to set up the Personio integration

What is Personio?

Personio is a German HR-management and recruiting platform. If your company uses it you can take advantage of its integration with the Wellbeing Warrior.
Why using the integration?
Integrating Personio with Wellbeing Warrior enables you to import your employee’s required data into the Wellbeing Warrior account. Only the data necessary for the Wellbeing Warrior will be imported.
By integrating this software you won’t need to perform manual changes to eliminate or add an employee from the list in the Wellbeing Warrior, it becomes an automatized process.
How to do it?
Note: You need to be an administrator both of Personio and the Wellbeing Warrior.

1. Log in into Personio.

2. Go under "Settings" > "API".

3. Click on "Generate new credentials". Note that this will download a new set of credentials invalidating the previous ones.

4. In order to successfully synchronize user data with Wellbeing Warrior, in Personio's API settings, make sure that the necessary fields can be accessed via the API. To do so, navigate to the “Access” > “Edit” tab and make sure the following attributes are selected:
  • Email
  • Status
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Start Date
  • Department
  • Sub-Department
  • Job Title/Position
  • Work Location/Office

5. Log in on Wellbeing Warrior.

6. Go to the Wellbeing Warrior Administration Area and click the menu “Settings”.

7. Click “Edit Settings” in the “Synchronization” section.

8. At “Personio Integration” click on “Show Credentials” and fill the “Personio client” and “Personio client secret” with the information obtained at the .txt file downloaded from Personio at step 2. Now click on the “Update” blue button.

9. Additionally, we recommend you to turn it on “Member auto-synchronization” and “Absence auto-synchronization” by doing so every night wellbeing warrior automatically automates it from Personio.

10. It is that simple! Now Wellbeing Warrior automatically synchronizes your user data from Personio.

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