How to set up a Roulette Event

Ready to start breaking the silos and promote the team spirit? Fantastic! We're here to help you bring people closer together with this feature.
We have made it plain and simple, for you to save time.


Click the Roulette Events button that is shown in your administration area, once you’ve login.
Then, create the blue button with the plus signal.


Customize the seven fields as it suits you. Remember: you can change it later if you need. When you're done, click the Create blue button.
*Name: is important especially if you have more than one happening at the same time.
*Start date: in here you decide when the first email will be sent, launching the activity.

*Start time: set up the hour when the Wellbeing Warrior should communicate the activity to the members. First, you will set up the hour, and then the minutes.

*Number of people per group: allows you to determine exactly how many people you want in a group. If you leave it blank the algorithm will calculate the optimum number by itself.
*Duration in days: this establishes the number of days that the event is active. This means that when a member logs in Wellbeing Warrior, he or she will see the event as active during the number of days that you choose.
*Repetition interval in days: Is this a recurrent event? how often do you want it to happen? You decide! Just multiple 7 (days) by the number of weeks you want apart.
- Once a week: 7
- Once every 2 weeks: 14
- Once a month: 28
*Number of groups: if you are planning an activity that requires a specific number of groups, you can set it here. If not, leave it blank.

*Single Event: select this box for ativities that will only happen once.
*Automatic notifications: this is selected by default, so that the tool sends emails and slack notifications. Unselect it if you prefer to do it yourself.
*Allow Availability: this is selected by default. It means that the activity is not mandatory, and the members can opt out. Unselect this field to make this a mandatory activity.
*Select members: Check the box All members if you want to involve everyone in your company. Otherwise you can set to whom it is by choosing among the options.
*Notification message: Wellbeing Warrior has a default message, that informs that a new Roulette Event has been created and who is in the group of each member. If you want a customized message you can write your own, just don't forget to use _PARTICIPANTS_ somewhere, so the tool automaticly inserts the names of people in each group.


It’s done! If you want to change any of this parameters, click Edit Roulette Event, otherwise, let the magic happen, sit back and have a cookie, you earned it 😉
If you have any questions, or if something went wrong, please contact us at