Do not stop your coffee breaks

Max Lamers - January 18, 2021
Help your team take better breaks

As we head into the new year the goal for many companies is to create conditions for business continuity by supporting employees with flexible and virtual work arrangements.
We can expect that many of us will continue working fully or partly remotely this winter.

Working remotely calls for active breaks
As we continue working from home we should pay more attention to our working patterns, particularly to our routine to take breaks for the sake of our wellbeing as well as maintaining healthy productivity.
It’s very easy to surf through our days on autopilot. In this mode we are likely to missout on consciously taking breaks, to replenish, regain focus, take time to connect.
With Wellbeing Warrior you can support your employees and teams to take meaningful breaks while connecting with others.

Save time with initiatives for better breaks
With automated initiatives that connect your employees, we’re helping you to support your employees’ wellbeing. By using Wellbeing Warrior your co-workers are reminded to take time during the day for meaningful breaks with each other. It’s a powerful yet cheap way to promote healthy working habits and a culture of connectedness that fosters a good and collaborative company climate.

Wellbeing Warrior offers simple and efficient initiatives that
  • Increase connectedness and employee’s engagement
  • Promote collaboration by breaking down team silos
  • Support wellbeing with reminding folks to take healthy breaks, best with others

As the pandemic continues, it is important to check in on each other and support your team members to counterbalance increased stress from isolation. This can be done by setting up virtual coffee breaks, lunches, or what or simple pair calls through our platform. Your employees opt in to be randomly paired with someone else at the company. The meeting invitations have no strictly set agenda; coworkers get to know each other in pairs by talking about work or non-work related topics. If your organization uses Slack, one easy way to set this up is through, a Slack bot that pairs people automatically. They can call each other through Slack or set up a time and use a different tool to jump on a call for conversation at a time that suits.

Some folks have it easy and no fear to strike up a conversation on their own. Others might need a little bit of help to get warm and know what to speak about.
Best give your team members some basic guidance on the purpose to connect and help to do so. For example, giving out below conversation starters may help people to get started to give your people an idea of what to chat about:

  • What accomplishments do you feel proud of?
  • Which sport are you a fan of?
  • What’s a favorite quote or line?
  • What’s your favorite hot beverage?
  • What’s a life hack
  • What books are you currently reading?

We even offer icebreakers and tips directly through our tool directly to support people in finding pathways into a meaningful chat with each other.

Create a positive culture and support your teams to be well and work effectively!

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