Product Update

Wellbeing Warrior - December 8, 2021
During the last weeks our team has been improving Wellbeing Warrior, and we are very excited to share some of the results. So let's get to it!

Roulette Event Metrics

We've deployed new and improved metrics for Roulette Event Initiatives (Coffee Breaks, Lunch Roulettes, etc.).
Administrators are now able to measure members' participation and engagement across departments, as well as other metrics such as feedbacks, availability, and the number of invites sent.

The goal is to provide our clients with useful data about employee availability, participation, and engagement in Roulette Event initiatives.

Bellow you can see how the new Dashboards will look like:

We've focused on developing more useful and accurate Roulette Event Metrics System. We managed to achieve this while at the same time asking less times for feedback from users.
Furthermore, we've also been working on improving the Buddy Program flow, more specifically the buddy auto-matcher feature.

Andre Germano,
Software Developer @Wellbeing-Warrior

Further Improvements

  • Buddy Program auto-matcher: Administrators are now able to set up the number of days after the new joiner's start date to automatically match a buddy. This feature also provides two new customizable messages that are sent to the new joiner and the buddy respectively.

  • Notifier performance improvements: In light of some performance issues, we're working on improving our email and slack notification system. This new system will be deployed in phases. For the first phase, we've enabled it for roulette event initiatives.

  • Buddy Program member dashboard: A dynamic message is displayed incentivizing members to accept more than one buddy contract. This message is displayed to members that recently accepted a buddy program when there're still a lot of new joiners without a buddy. We find that members that recently accepted a buddy contract are more open to accepting more contracts.

  • Administrator section: We have reorganised the settings page to provide better user experience.

  • Initiative cards are now displayed with the organization theme color instead of the default light grey.

Bug fixes

  • Different initiative “organizer” for email and slack notifications