12 Exciting Team Activities for a Merry Christmas at Work

November 30, 2023
As December approaches, the holiday spirit gets even more contagious. It’s a time to be jolly, and what better way to bring that joy into the workplace than with Christmas-themed team-building activities? In this blog post, we’ll share 12 ideas to bring your work team closer during this festive season.

12 team-building activities to bring fun into the office during Christmas

Choose one - or more - of the following ideas to bring a new spark to your workplace. While some activities may take longer than others, they all promise the same outcome: a whole lot of fun.

1. Decorate Your Workspace Together

Transform your office into a winter wonderland with a decorating contest. Divide the team into smaller groups and start the game. Encourage creativity by assigning specific themes to each group. You can have a “Traditional Christmas”, or even a "Santa's Workshop" theme. You can also decorate specific items, like gingerbread houses or ornaments.

2. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Bring quirky presents to your office with a Secret Santa gift exchange. Set a budget for the gifts and encourage team members to get creative. A little detective work can pay off. Have team members write clues about themselves along with their gifts, and others can guess the Secret Santa based on those clues.

3. Ugly Sweater Day

Host a themed dress-up day where everyone wears their silliest Christmas sweaters. You can even turn it into a contest with a prize for the "ugliest" sweater! How about a fashion show where participants can show off their sweatshirts?

4. Christmas Trivia Challenge

Create a holiday-themed trivia game featuring questions related to Christmas traditions, movies, and history. Include images and sound clips related to the questions and consider giving a small prize for the winner. You can either play individually or organize teams for a more collaborative experience.

5. Escape Room Challenge

Take the team to a holiday-themed escape room. Beyond the fun, this activity promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills. If you, create your own Christmas-themed escape game. Elements like rescuing Santa's lost presents or solving holiday mysteries can be a lot of fun.

6. Volunteer Together

Give back to your community by volunteering as a team. This activity could include helping at a local shelter, wrapping gifts for charity, or serving at a local soup kitchen, for example. Document the team's volunteering experience and share the videos and photos on your company's social media channels to inspire others.

7. Holiday Potluck

How about a nice recipe? Organize a festive potluck where team members bring in their favorite holiday dishes and flavors to share. If you want to take this to the next level, create a recipe book with contributions from team members. This is also a great way to celebrate different traditions and cuisines.

8. Christmas Carol Karaoke

Let loose and have some fun with a Christmas carol karaoke session. Show everyone your singing skills and extend the entertainment by organizing a judging panel or letting the other team members vote for the best performance. Award prizes for categories such as "Best Duet" or "Most Creative Performance".

9. Holiday Movie Marathon

Host a holiday movie marathon day at the office. Set up a cozy space with blankets and pillows, and let the team vote on their favorite holiday movies. Between movies, you can make small breaks for discussions or trivia related to the films. Did anyone say Home Alone?

10. Holiday-Themed Team Lunch or Dinner

Connect in a more casual setting by gathering the team for a special, delicious holiday meal. Take this opportunity to relax and enjoy each other's company. Add a personal touch by having team members share the stories behind their favorite holiday dishes.

Who’s up for some cookies? Get the team to decorate plain cookies using icing and various toppings, and see who can come up with the most creative designs. Consider creating a team of judges to vote for the most festive cookies.

12. Year-in-Review Reflections

Gather the team to reflect on the year's accomplishments and challenges. Turn this into a multimedia presentation with highlights and memorable moments from the year. This fosters gratitude, builds a sense of shared achievement, and sets the stage for future collaboration.

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